Lycee Pontarcher

Témoignage de nos  élèves invitées finlandaises

Our experience in France

We are two cook students from Finland and we are staying in Vesoul, , lycée Professinnel Pontarcher.We are stayng here for four weeks and we are trying to learn about traditional French food and different cooking styles.

Our studies in Finland are a bit different so we wanted to learn the « correct ways ». In our school we have to learn the basics and the Finnish way.

Everyone has a chance to go abroad but not everyone wants to go ! Erasmus gives an opportunity for the trip and pay for it.

In Finland we don’t have final exams so our graduations depends on our works and gradesss. In our school, we make food for ourselves and sells the leftovers. Here it’s a bit different. We made food for clients only and we eat in the school cafeteria.

We have seen so many beautiful churches and monuments. We climbed the hill of la Motte . There was this small chapel and the view over the old town of Vesoul.

People here are very niceto usWe heard that french people are rude to tourists. That was a great surprise to us. And we have made  a lot of friends here.

This experience was so good that we are planning to visit more countries and learn about fifferent food traditions.


My and Laura, Feb, 16th 2024