Lycee Pontarcher

« Brick Lane » au Festival International des Cinémas d’Asie

[Article written by Students from 1BPR2]

On Friday, we went to the « Cinéma Majestic » in Vesoul in the afternoon. We watched a film entitled “Brick lane”, released in 2007. It was made by Sarah Gavron and based on a novel by Monica Ali. This film was part of a selection of films broadcast for the “Festival International des Cinémas D’Asie”.

Now, let’s learn more about the plot: It is the story of a young woman, Nazneen from Bengladesh. When she was 17 years old, her mother committed suicide. So, her father, decided to send her to London where she got married to a man, older than her, Chanu. In London, they lived in a slum, Brick Lane. It is a poor and mainly Muslim district. It was hard to live there.

Reviews from the students:

Ilyes : “The husband was funny. We don’t really know if he is bad or nice.”
Léo : “ The husband spent his time trying to get a good job.”
Mathys and Seydou : “We saw the 9-11 attacks against the twin towers in NYC in this film!”
Nathanaël and Mekky : “It was a bit monotous and the story was flat”
Elisa : “The mother committed suicide!”

FUN FACT: There was a power cut during the screening!